What do you hear and read this Summer? Below are a few books I read and will read. I also included a few albums I enjoy. Happy Summer!

River of Time

River of Time

To know better my South Asian roots: Cambodian and Vietnamese. Through the lens of an English journalist who lived and worked in those countries.

Ask for the Moon

Ask For The Moon

To dive into innovation, kung-fu movies and the writing of Meredith Lewis, an Australian node in my network I’ve met in 2021 remotely.



To dive into the topic of generalism.



I’ve read the book and wrote down some notes after the prompts/questions the author nudges the reader to answer to work on ourselves. I review them and will read the book again.



As a member of the global community of ‘Urgent Optimists,’ I hear the audiobook along with my exploration of the community and its learning program, events and members.

The Carbon Almanac

The Carbon Almanac

Discovered the book through a fellow member of the Perpetual Beta Coffee Club: Cat Barnard. I intend to hear the book and read the educator’s guide available on the website.

The Perpetual Beta Series

The Perpetual Beta Series

“actionable insights on learning and working in a digitally networked society

The perpetual beta series began in 2014 as four standalone digital volumes, following my first ten years of blogging. The changing nature of work and our evolving perspectives on learning and knowledge were the core themes. These were combined into a single volume in 2018 and have been edited and updated about every 18 months since.

This latest volume — Perpetual Beta 2022 — builds on Perpetual Beta 2020 and includes new work since August 2020.

As we enter the third year of a global pandemic we are seeing the forces of disease, climate change, and political polarization combine and batter our markets and institutions. It will only be as a global networked society that we will be able to address these forces.

Welcome to life in perpetual beta, where work is learning, and learning is the work.” — Harold Jarche

The State of Community Management 2022

state of community management ebook

This was sent by The Community Roundtable in my inbox last year. I intend to read it carefully and check out the webinar TheCR will host this June to say more about their findings and research.

The NEW Community Manager Handbook

The New Community Manager Handbook

“When you download The NEW Community Manager Handbook you’ll explore meaningful community management topics with 21 passionate community builders.” — @_shannonabram @TheCR

Dare to Un-Lead

Dare To Un lead book cover feature

“In this book Céline goes deep and develops well-researched explorations of the social turmoil of our times, linking its sources to the increasing atomisation in our modern societies and to yesterday’s and today’s workplace engagement challenges – why we work and how we work, and how it is all led and managed, or not.

She has studied the issues at depth and synthesises them extremely well into an inspiring framework underpinned by the three pillars of French democracy – liberté, fraternité et égalité

She has earned her wisdom and my deep respect.”

Jon Husband

🎧 Jack White – Fear Of The Dawn

Jack White - Fear Of The Dawn


🎧 Blood Red Shoes – Ghosts On Tape

Blood Red Shoes - Ghosts On Tape

🎧 Mélissa Laveaux - Mama Forgot Her Name Was Miracle

Mama Forgot Her Name Was Miracle


🎧 M- Rêvalité

M - Rêvalité


🎧 Selah Sue – Persona

Selah Sue - Persona


🎧 Sly Johnson – 55.4

Sly Johnson - 55.4

🎧 Alicia Keys – Keys

Alicia Keys - Keys


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