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“We are plurality.

Our individuality is a temporary manifestation of relationships.

Relationships with the multitudes.”

“Ecosystems are built on the conversations between interdependent partnerships.

When we cut these conversations the ecosystems fall apart.

Without the network the single disappears.

The center, the fundamental, isn’t the single, the “self”, rather the network.” @FBanishoeib

Summertime is almost over. Fall is around the corner. I can’t wait to see the best of all Autumn.

🤔 Thinking about

Digital Sobriety

Excellent read. This article by Livio Hughes, As our world burns, is it time for digital sobriety shared by Cat Barnard got me thinking and triggered the intent to include some habits and tips to reduce my carbon footprint. Even to tweet and write fewer posts.

“At the individual level, and in our private lives, there are many small actions we can take which, repeated at scale, can create powerful network effects. See for example some of the tips for reducing your digital carbon footprint hereherehere, and here.

Good luck to us all!”

Learning Design

As I currently explore an opportunity to design a learning experience with one of my clients, I’ve been thinking about what needs to be included when creating effective and engaging learning experiences. The article Professional Learning: Path to Agency and Impact’ by Melissa Elmer brings some insights and actions to take.

“My last post focused on the future of learning. I emphasized the necessity of community, content, and events becoming interdependent. All of that is true, and the designers of learning experiences should definitely design experiences with those interdependencies at the base of the design.”

(…) “Instead of creating slides aimed to deliver information spend time figuring out what questions need to be asked.

Instead of making a list of activities or a list of boxes to be checked, schedule some time for conversations around the questions.

Here’s the bottom line. If the learners check out, the organization loses and the people don’t notice or care. If the learners check-in, everyone wins. Organizations that figure out how to invite the learners to the learning and create the conditions for the people to have agency in the learning process have a better chance of having an impact on learning.

What will you do to create the conditions for learning?”


Dear social ties in my network from the UK and the countries of the Commonwealth, my deep condolences. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II. Sending warm thoughts.

“Let us not take ourselves too seriously. None of us has a monopoly on wisdom.” ― Queen Elizabeth II, Christmas Broadcast in 1991 via @write2tg


“Queen Elizabeth is an amazing leader. She has a clear purpose to provide stability, validation, coherence, and a cultural touchstone for the UK and she has done so in service to the country. She is a great example of how leaders can quietly and modestly be strong.” @rhappe

👣 Nudges

Glorious Pasts

“What do you think glorious pasts mean for organisations?” asks David Ross.

My two cents: successes and failures, and learnings from them. Retrospectives or looking back to look forward. Community legacy, artefacts and contributions for a better world/organisation.

Creativity Skills

“What are creativity skills? asks Meredith Lewis.

Do you see yourself as curious, open-minded or imaginative? Read more in her post to figure out what may be your creativity skills and unique strengths.

Knowledge-sharing muscle

“I miss the office chit-chat.” Sound familiar? Office banter is not the same in the era of distributed and remote work. Sharing knowledge and creating a personal connection with your team members requires a more conscious effort and learning to proactively tell about what you do and what you know.

In this bite-sized podcast episode, Luis Suarez shares his tips on how to grow your knowledge-sharing muscle and start creating conversations in your digital workspace.”

Hear the 14 minutes of Arado Podcast: Learning to share knowledge and create a personal connection when working remotely to become aware of your work habits and develop new ones. Some notes I took while hearing Luis:

Check your plan to know what you do/share – opening up to others—One-liner of your event’s description. Same for e-mail, tasks, and meetings. Pick something that you are passionate about. Could you share it?

Shared knowledge is power and a muscle to build with practice. Prioritise what you want to share. Be critical.

Facilitate serendipity to make yourself, and others benefit. Become comfortable sharing knowledge. People will get back to you as they find your shares helpful.

Silos < distributed work = abundant and infinite knowledge. Train your muscles by sharing exercises once daily—one or two sentences to post on social or your schedule. It becomes a reflective exercise in your workflow. It also becomes a learning exercise from one to many times per day.

🎁 Enjoy


Here is a gift for the back-to-school/office: a glossary – some definitions and observations to gain clarity in the world of distributed work, futures thinking and networked learning.


Nantucket Lightship/LV-112

“Essentially a floating lighthouse, Nantucket Lightship/LV-112—one of our National Treasures—guided countless vessels through the dangerous, often fogbound waters off the Massachusetts coast. Constructed in 1936 and designated a National Historic Landmark in 1989, Nantucket Lightship/LV-112 was called the “Statue of Liberty of the Sea,” as it was the first and last U.S. landmark seen by ships traveling to and from Europe.” via @sandyhubbard


“Need some perspective? This! Photograph of Multicolored “Cloud” Galaxy @thisiscolossal”@dscofield

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