Collective Learning: why, what and how?

This is a photo that was shot by @rotanarotana in the garden of the Museum Rodin, Paris, France.

Recently, after reading a great post from Gianpiero Petriglieri offering a different view on MOOCs, here is what I tweeted:

“Education is not just about skills, concepts, knowledge as commodity. It is also about

The Learning Journey of Rotana Ty

“Great post. You are really a dedicated learner. It is really a beauty to see the way you ‘Engage’ with networks as a part of your learning process. Single pointed and focused. Much to

What are the 4 profound values that drive you as you explore the world on your own?

I’m delighted to share mine with you.

Profound values 1: Emergence & Sensemaking

I’m keen to bring out and create value around shared