Meeting Community Hosts

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Meeting Community Hosts.

Meeting with Jillian Reilly, founder of Antacara

I have explored a possible collaboration with Antacara Frontiers. I met in person Jillian Reilly, the founder of this game-changing initiative, earlier this week in Paris. See this Twitter thread.

About Antacara Frontiers:

“At work. In life. Turn uncertainty into possibility with a 21st Century growth mindset. Our Exploratory Experiences help you to create new paths forward.”

It was lovely to meet and discuss with Jillian:

“So great to meet you last week in Paris Life is, indeed, a circus! Let’s find joy in the creativity that affords us. To play, to imagine, to soar high and do the seemingly impossible. So looking forward to seeing where our journey takes us.” — @changingview

Learn more about the activities and insights we have developed with Jillian and the Explorers community.

Meeting Harold Jarche, Personal Knowledge Mastery

I have also met in person another community leader and knowledge catalyst, Harold Jarche, over lunch in Paris.

“Sitting in a Paris cafe is always a great experience but less so with all the automobiles and pollution. We humans are good at making our cities toxic” — @hjarche


What we have experienced and discussed yesterday, Harold. :) Enjoy your time in the café. — @rotanarotana

It was a lovely and insightful conversation. I am always inspired by his work and actionable insights on work, learning and leadership:

“network leadership is about working together to make sure that people in the network are connected in a way that encourages flows of resources, information and support to every part of the network.” — HT @hjarche

Learn more about the activities and insights on Personal Knowledge Mastery I learn from and with Harold and the Perpetual Beta Coffee Club, a community of practice focused on distributed work and networked learning.

Meeting with Mara Tolja, Connectle

I have participated in a live conversation with Connectle after I got an invite from the community leader, Mara Tolja. The topic of this live conversation can be read below and the replay and related resources – including my blog post ‘Navigating the Knowledge Flows.

Read more in the Tapestry Book to explore ways and which for connecting and learning in the flow of life through ourselves, networks and communities.

How you do engage with your community and leaders?

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organization’s ecosystem.

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