Visualizing Ourselves

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The Workshop

In this 20-hour workshop, divided into two days and four half-days, my Cube School fellows and moi were invited to reflect on the notion of identity. We designed unique forms to portray ourselves by exploring different graphic tools and types of writing: typography, layout, writing, data visualisation. We discovered some of the graphic designer’s tools, including Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

The aim of the workshops was:

● Having an initiation to the tools of the graphic designer.
● Understanding the issues and methods used to design a graphic identity.
● Creating a graphic reflection around our own identity through the design and self-promotion of materials.

Graduated from the DSAA School of Olivier de Serres in Graphic Design with her project Dixlexies – because eleven is too much, Sophie Cure continues her typographic explorations between the port of Amsterdam and Quai de Seine of Paris. She is making the most of her life by designing educational tools and communication tools.

Sophie Cure shares her knowledge and rich and very interesting achievements. I appreciated her support to help me and us have a good grasp of graphic tools while doing practical assignments and graphic design productions.

Finding Inspirations

Sophie Cure shares prints, more about her journey, projects and portfolio over the workshops we had the chance to do with her. Below are some points to help us find inspirations from her work and her network.

Visual Thinking Me

First, we were suggested to find five personal photos or found on the web and be quoted to represent each of us. I did three collages of personal photos and founded them on the web.

I did so via

As often, I find inspirations while I go slow and through my photography to write down deep thoughts. For a second assignment on writing what we do and who we are, here is what I came up about moi:

I explore different places, areas, people and times. I select and synthesize. I share la crème de la crème of my findings or those from others.

I feed my taste for the trip. In Le Grand Paris. In public transport, by bike, on foot. By plane, on the train, by car. By bus or boat. Abroad, mainly in Northern and Western Europe. I am inspired by strolls for my personal and professional life.

I relax and disconnect. I discover and I am in immersion in different worlds. I gain perspectives. I expand my visions of the world.

I disconnect. I connect ideas with activities disconnected and sports. I’m strolling alone. I’m walking slowly. I ride a bike without a defined destination. I take pictures when I want it. I am often in the flow. I observe movements, patterns, the beauty of our world. I am sensitive to colors, patterns, shapes, the beauty of nature and our world. The blue and the sea inspire me. I’m rambling. I am well. I invite myself to travel and other worlds in all shades of blue.

In a few words, I am a dreamer. An explorer with a curiosity insatiable. I am a catalyst to learn and experiment with continuous and emergent way.


The three other assignments focused on graphic design while using pen and paper, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Inspired by the work of Giorgia Lupi on data visualization, Sophie suggested we do our own data visualization, ‘Dear Data’ on habits and data we tracked over one week spend inside and outside the Cube, near Paris, France. This is what I did on body postures, ways of learning and doing.

Based on my writing below, I captured and put in a word cloud verbs of actions to highlight what I do / who I am artful while using InDesign.

J’explore différents lieux, domaines, personnes et époques. Je sélectionne et je synthétise. Je partage la crème de la crème de mes trouvailles ou celles des autres.

Je nourris mon goût pour le voyage. Dans le Grand Paris. Dans les transports en commun, en vélo, à pied. En avion, dans le train, en voiture. En bus ou en bateau. À l’étranger, principalement en Europe du Nord et de l’Ouest. Je m’inspire de flâneries pour ma vie personnelle et professionnelle.

Je me détends et me déconnecte. Je découvre et je suis en immersion dans différents mondes. Je gagne en perspectives. J’élargis mes visions du monde.

Je me déconnecte. Je connecte des idées par des activités déconnectées et sportives. Je flâne seul. Je marche lentement. Je fais du vélo sans destination définie. Je prend des photos quand j’en ai envie. Je suis souvent dans le flow. J’observe des mouvements, des motifs, la beauté de notre monde. Je suis sensible aux couleurs, motifs, formes, à la beauté de la nature et de notre monde. Le bleu et la mer m’inspirent. Je divague. Je suis bien. Je m’invite au voyage et à d’autres mondes par toutes les nuances de bleu.

En quelques mots, je suis un rêveur. Un explorateur avec une curiosité insatiable. Je suis un catalyseur pour apprendre et expérimenter de façon continue et émergente.

The Exhibition ‘Me, Myself & I’

While another exhibition, ‘Art of Doing Doing the Art’ occurred, our respective artefacts were shown in another exhibition, ‘Me, Myself and I’, to any visitors of Le Cube, the digital creation centre, near Paris, France. I took some shots during the launch of the exhibition on December 21st, 2018.

Final Thoughts

The workshops on visual communication, our productions and the exhibition were joyful, inspirational and thoughtful experiences.

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