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Conversation with learning partners. I wrote a while ago that curating our network and growing with people while learning and making sense together matter. But, beyond networks, perhaps this also matters:

“Content and communities are shaping how people find and connect with each other.” — @GautamGhosh via @NewSocialLearn

Recently, a combination of network and content has led me to reflect on my experience and deep thoughts with this Twitter conversation with @simbeckhampson, which started with reading his old blog post: ‘Do You Speak Data.’

“Less people will be required and those who remain will take on an analyst role to ensure predictions match human instinct.”

This is when humans work with machines for better decision making and impact, whether in healthcare, transportation, sustainable development or any other field.

Then Paul pointed me to this reading of an article on Wired that was shared by @BruceMcTague:

“Fast forward 30 years. What advice do you think your future self would like you to know today? Thanks to @BruceMctague for the article and upcoming book tip.” #education #futureskills #algorithm #change #control” — @simbeckhampson

It is a thought-provoking article and a futuristic worldview that struck many chords! Here is the summary that I shared as well on Twitter with Paul:

So it is about embracing: 1. not knowing 2. change as ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet’. 3. lifelong learning and social / knowledge flows 4. reinvention of ourselves. 1/2

+ 5. shaping our unique worldview and navigating the world. 6. unifying our fragmented selves. 7. self-assessing & improving ourselves continuously. 8. bringing back our humanity while breaking free from always-on technology. 2/2

Then came those kind words and additional thoughts from Paul:

“Excellent summary, you’ve picked up on all the main points. One thing that stuck in mind was the readiness needed to be able to reinvent at a moment’s notice (LLL) Also, the foresight that machines will eventually better the skills we thought untouchable. cc @BruceMctague” — @simbeckhampson

Wait a minute! Let’s unpack what I shared in that summary with more additional thoughts.

What Do You Envision & Just Do?

Embracing ‘Not knowing.’

This is a big one! As I wrote:

In a world that puts on the spotlights experts, saying I don’t know is also a sign of being vulnerable. To connect with someone who may not know your field, strengths, practices, mindset, toolset, worldview, in short, you.

By enabling someone else to share their questions and insights before I share mines, I am more attuned to new ideas and possible actions. 

In a nutshell, saying often ‘I don’t know’ is a way to trigger and cultivate my curiosity to know more about what I don’t know. It is a way to learn limitless and continuously. Isn’t it what true blue lifelong learner and explorer do? 

How about yourself? How do you embrace “I don’t know”? When was the last time you let go of your expertise to figure it out on your own and with people?

Embracing change as ‘we ain’t seen nothing yet.’

With societal and digital mutations, shifting into a constant world is easier to say than done.

Embracing lifelong learning and social / knowledge flows

As @jonhusband wrote and I noticed:

“There just isn’t any choice other than continuous learning because ongoing change—permanent whitewater — is our only remaining constant.”

Reinventing ourselves.

Another big one! While learning from innovation cultures, I have embraced creativity and multidisciplinarity. What are the learnings so far from this work and learning journey?

I hanged out with different global remote teams for doing projects. I have learned from and with different hungry and curious minds. Learnabilities and cultures.

I have learned from different innovation approaches, not the only ones that prevail in our world and France and Europe. In the names of design thinking and lean startup.

I widen my perspectives on entrepreneurial constraints, possibilities, policies, and mindsets—innovation approaches and practices. So I can build my cornucopia when reinventing myself and imagine the possibilities together. To solve global problems.

I can go beyond one method, approach, framework, and process. For example, systems thinking, design thinking or any other innovative approaches I don’t know yet. I can mix up different innovative and modern workplace learning approaches. I can shape my collective cornucopia.

How do you learn about different cultures and entrepreneurship in our modern world?

Shaping our unique worldview and navigating the world

While trying to make sense of our world on our own and together, one can shape their unique worldview and share it. As @jaycross wrote:

“For me, this cycle of pull-reflect-push is my contribution to the knowledge commons that is the Web. I believe in karma. I give to the Web and the Web gives back. I always receive more than I give.

In an organization, I think this process of seeking out and sharing meaning is a responsibility of enlightened social citizenship…”

Donella Meadows, the American environmental scientist, would say:

“Expose your mental models to the open air. Stay humble. Stay a learner. Celebrate complexity.”

For more, read on.

Unifying our fragmented selves

To me, this is related to the seven-item. Know thyself to be able to do so, i.e. to design synergy between different selves.

Self-assessing and improving ourselves continuously.

What do we learn from ourselves to grow, whether for our learnability and leadership and beyond? Without knowing, why, who, what and how we are and operate, how can we unify our fragmented selves to bring back our humanity in our times?

Bringing back our humanity while breaking free from always-on technology

Which tiny habits have you developed and done over time to get back your humanity?

I do so in various ways. Learning from an exhibit via food and travellingBeing immersed fully right here and right now in each experience. Connectedness:

It is all about being curious about ourselves, focusing on ourselves and improving ourselves. Anyone can clear the mind, get creative and ideas while and after taking care of health and practicing a sport.

Anyone can be connected to nature and disconnected from the Internet. Called it connectedness to yourself through your senses and heart. Feel, touch, experience. 

Embracing life with(out) screens and devices.

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Visual produced by Rotana Ty

Are We Ready to Jump In?

@rotanarotana: (…) One thing that stuck in mind was the readiness needed to be able to reinvent at a moment’s notice (LLL) Also, the foresight that machines will eventually better the skills we thought untouchable. cc @BruceMctague” — @simbeckhampson

“In times of change, learners inherit the Earth while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.” — Eric Hoffer via @BruceMcTague

“And as times are always changing… #stayfresh #askquestions #seekanswers” — @simbeckhampson

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