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Source: visual created by @gapinvoid. “Curiosity Is as Important as Intelligence”.

“Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last.”
– William Samuel Johnson

“One of our beliefs is that curiosity is an essential human quality. It’s really a mindset of people who want to do great work, and have an impact. There are lots of studies, and this HBR article says it pretty plainly. Your Curiosity Quotient (CQ) is more important than IQ.

Curiosity isn’t cute and gratuitous if you want your organization to scale, you must stimulate the collective CQ.”

We are heading towards a world where humans work with machines (including machine learning / artificial intelligence, robots and automated systems). Humans would need to create better insights and ask the right questions to create possible solutions for solving problems. But for doing, one needs to develop curiosity and the capacity to ask questions through habits, people, experiences, and resources in an augmented and automated world.

“Curiosity is a muscle.

Sometimes, you really need to go off the grid.” — Jessica Bellamy

How do you develop your curiosity in our modern world?

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    • Rotana Ty
      Rotana Ty says:

      Glad to hear this resonates, Paul. I think that it is about finding ourselves, and while engaging with others, a balance between wanting to learn more about something and embracing not knowing.


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