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Workplace Futures & Nowness.

“Outside of work (your) people are learning in connected ways.” — @MichelleOckers

Yes, we do.

Experiencing Collective Digital Arts

Are we seeing the emergence of collective digital art experiences?

I wonder, because I have been immersed in some of them recently.

Last month I was at Le Grand Palais in Paris, France, for ‘Artists & Robots’. What caught my attention was Miguel Chevalier’s ‘Extra-Natural’ artefact, a digital interactive, generative, automated and fractal garden he created. Living in a digital garden. Mesmerising.

I had a similar collective digital art experience at the ‘Atelier des Lumières’ exhibition ‘Gustav Klimt’ in Paris, France.

What is interesting to me is not so much the new digital art space itself, but a big empty building that is massively welcoming to visitors.

The collective experience with crowds of people in the dark and in the light is much more interesting and beautiful, becoming part of the digital artefacts based on the artistic masterpieces of Klimt and other artists.

Digital artefacts were projected onto the walls of the building.


Source: photo shot by moi at the Atelier des Lumières, Paris, France.

Bringing Your Own Workplace

The place where people learn and work together could be professional workspaces such as co-working spaces, training centres, educational buildings or corporate offices. Places to live, such as gardens, could also be places to relax, develop and improve ourselves together.

Coworking places can be not only tech hubs and beautiful and expensive office buildings à la WeWork. They can also be in shopping malls and places of life where we go.

Workplaces are evolving as the places where we work, play, live and learn. They are consumerised, fragmented and tend to adapt to our working and learning needs.

In short, BYOW: Bring Your Own Workplace that meets your needs and BYOE: Bring Your Own Everything.


Source: visual by Dennis Callahan,

In another conversation I had with Anne Marie Rattray, the third place can also be an artistic place such as museums, galleries, art centres. As she told me, it already exists in London, UK, with the National Theatre. Some museums of failure exist in Sweden and Los Angeles.

“Interesting seeing the failures displayed at the Museum of Failure #CollabOutLoud” @JulesStardust

Social gatherings and learning circles allow us to learn with and from each other and to inspire each other through coffee/tea houses in cities or digital tools.

I examine technology while using McLuhan tetrad. Below is my take on one technology: third place.

third place coworking hiring work distributed remote work rotana ty

Try out new ways of working and learning. There are no best practices for creativity, only unique practices.” @hjarche

What do your workplace futures and nowness look like?

Update: here is the take of Harold Jarche on living in the time of the pandemic.

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