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Learning something new daily helps me to grow and thrive. Whether in a project, on my own, in a conversation, in a community. It is not necessarily work-related most of the time, something of interest or fun. It could be learning more about a city, a living place, an exhibition, or a new artefact to inspire and nurture my curiosity.

I bring newness because I have a personalized modern learning mindset, skillset, and analogue and digital tools. In that way, I can keep up fast and easily with my industry, profession and interests continuously. But, of course, I do so outside them, too.

I use daily:

Feedly to dive into blog posts of people that I find interesting. Then, I can engage via Twitter  / in person by sharing and commenting on their content with discernment.

I subscribe to podcasts to track what’s happening in topics of interest such as workplace learning, self-efficacy, work and learning futures, news on gastronomy, artful, professional and technological places to explore in Paris, community management, curious creatives.

Twitter lists – mines created publicly and privately and those from interesting people – dive deep into what is interesting for people and organizations in a specific industry or topic, in a country or from a global community.

Youtube channels or playlists to keep up with game-changing ideas and initiatives.

Last but not least, I read a few slow journalism prints to go slow and deep on a topic.

In a nutshell, I use different formats to learn something new every day. I go with the knowledge flows. The intent is to celebrate and document my daily learnings. It is also a way to activate my learning when it is time to do so.

Tapestry goes through my flâneur’s journey over 63 pages of my personal learnings, stories and reflections in an e-book format. Through thoughts, experience, practices, inspirations, nudges, and questions, I share my story to work and learn continuously in a networked world.

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