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New month, new possibilities.

When time allows, I will share a curated post—the topic of July: six ways to start with art and heart for work, learning and leadership. Read on what caught my attention.


“art is a p(art) of every st(art)”  @johnmaeda


“Art, or as I call it heART, is not a skill, a process or a tool for coping and entertaining. It is the very essence at the center of our being that when evoked and practiced helps us create new paradigms.

(…) “Learning is messy and non-linear. It becomes wisdom as we experience that messiness in full. Living fully (heARTfully) might require we start learning to listen to that messiness, not to control it but to express it with beauty and harmony.” — @FBanishoeib

Pandemic Haiku

“No longer asking Who will sink and who will swim? Together we rise”
Caitlin M. Aamodt

I also share my Pandemic haiku after a hike I did in the mountain of the Alps. Explore more in this blog post on the new heights I reached.

Work Futures

“To me, remote implies a physical distance, while distributed is more about the connections, the conversations & interactions.” — @elsua HT @sorokti


“Great list of resources to explore the future of learning/future of work” — @rhappe

Networks & Systems

“A system is never the sum of its parts. It is the product of its interactions.” — Russell Ackoff HT @PaulJocelyn


“Network value is about individual contribution and team contribution and organizational contribution. All connected.

Network value is all working with some agility and some replicable and some speed and some slowing down. Network value is complex and dynamic.

Network value is people, nested systems, working within a system. Network value is systems thinking.” — Bruce McTague

“When you discover someone who sums up what you have been saying for 15 years in one, elegant sentence. I do still like the Red Queen analogy though T/y for the intro @rotanarotana” — @rhappe

Tapestry goes through my flâneur’s journey over 63 pages of my personal learnings, stories and reflections in an e-book format. I share my story through thoughts, experience, practices, inspirations, nudges, and questions to work and learn continuously in a networked world.


Inside Out

“But my introversion is my super-power. As an introvert I spend time with myself, constantly reconnecting with my personal values and priorities. As an introvert I find the space to reflect, analyse, and strategize.

There is nothing timid, silly, or weak about the quietness of the introvert. It is not an effacing of assertiveness; it’s a gathering of strength.” — @DangerousMere

“When I am silent, I have thunder hidden inside.” Rumi

Storms can gift solace to the soul.

Thunder, and wind, at the 20 second mark.

I treasure nature’s gifts, large and small.

#sixtysecondsolitudeHal Gregersen


#Regenerative #leadership calls for a profound paradigm shift from the present models of leadership characterized by power, control, assertiveness, aggression, competition, and ‘winner takes all’ mindset.

Regenerative Leaders are facilitators and stewards of their organizations, communities, societies. They put their businesses in service to life, not the other way round.” — @sahana2802



source: @sahana2802

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