When time allows, I share gems from my network and outside of it.

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” — Kurt Vonnegut


Unknown. Infinite loops. Exploratory. Learning Curves. Entanglement.…

Triple Check: Head Heart Gut

I dived deep into holistic health in a previous post. Noticing ourselves helps us to wire ourselves on different levels.

Below is what I sketched while doing a guided self-awareness exercice, ‘Head Heart Gut’ …

Riding with Uncertainty

First Step, Next Step Together

“You’re not alone in feeling uncertain. You’re not alone in feeling lost. You’re not alone with not knowing what to do next. It’s OK. Let’s take the first step and then the

Growing through the Growth Mindset

From a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. Growing starts with starting and our belief to succeed. Exploring topics to nurture and trigger our curiosity. Reading. Watching. Hearing. Drawing. At large. Starting with small steps …

Strengths Building Coaching

his is Summertime. After being involved intensively over the past few months in co-creating and enacting a learning community and program specialised in soft skills, I review, refine and recalibrate through my strengths and self-knowledge.

“The ability

hanks to Paul Simbeck-Hampson for sharing the resources below with me on Linkedin.

“Here is the visual summary of the latest podcast on sailing the 7Cs of Curiosity from the hashtag CuriousAdvantage book released earlier this week! Listen to

Shifting Story: how it has started and evolved

Story Sharing

I am an active member of the 21st Century Explorers Global Community. Jillian Reilly is the founder of Antacara Frontiers, the anchor and community host. Every week we gather …

tay Present, Healthy, Fit and Resilient.

In a post-normal world, it can be challenging to be in the nowness, take care of our health, and be resilient. How do you do so?

ave Opportunities for Co-creation, Cooperation

Why & What

My interest in the intersection of learning and health has followed me over the years as a networked learner and perhaps an explorer of holistic health. In the context of my engagement in the 21st Century Explorers …

Seek: “You don’t know where the inspiration will come from & better to have a vague memory of something than being in ignorance.”

Sense: “Your notebooks will form the edge pieces. One day, it might matter.”

Share: “Use the