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Podcasts I have heard. I will often update this page as I hear one podcast episode at a time. I organize my notes per theme/discipline I pay attention to. Discover more about how I learn on the go with podcast.

Community Management

Conversations with Community Managers – Engaging Online Learners

Be intentional and iterative in the way you design your community and learning experience. Findability, searchability, taxonomy, interactivity, and onboarding experience matter. What does your collaborative and social learning experience look like?

How To Build Thriving Online Communities – Indie Media Club

Welcoming people have a big impact to trigger a second contribution. Focus on setting the site when people join the community. No matter what you do, people will stay or churn out just because they evolve over the years in their life and work.

Focus on the core group of highly engaged people and a few new ones to nurture—better bigger impact than trying to engage every one of the community members. There should never be a miracle moment in your plan – Seth GodinGodin suggests to Richard, ask: Who are the 10 people you gonna reach? Why will they tell your friends? Why can’t anybody else do this? For less?

Ask the questions for any project. Have a crystal clear vision for your community? What are they gonna say? Why? What’s in it for them? Answering those questions is critical work to do for any community project.

Learning & Distributed Work

Curious Advantage podcast – episode 14 on curiosity and serendipity

Serendipity is about spotting, discussing, and connecting the dots. Interesting thoughts. Let serendipity do its magic! Serendipity abounds.

Episode 17: The Virtual Excellence Show

A team is not enough to connect to diversity and to enhance serendipity. To develop future skills and mindset for distributed work. Here come networks and global communities in addition to work teams to make sense of the world collectively and on our own #PKMastery

The Mentoring One – Women of Learning

What does an uplifting learning relationship/experience look like? I heard this week in the podcast ‘The Women of Learning‘ one of my network nodes: Taruna Goël, conversing with André Watts discussing mentoring. Read on my notes.

The Learning Hack podcast LH #25 Tool Time

Sensemaking, wayfinding, learning inside and outside the workplace, from home, remotely while using digital tools. Interesting chat with Jane Hart on learning daily in many different ways.

The Learning Hack podcast LH #32 Beyond Learning

Wayfinding is about finding fellow seekers or explorers. To be ahead of the journey from the apprentice. Follow those who push ahead of their expertise. The more diverse group of experienced and thinkers to be not in an echo chamber. Find those who are ahead of you to learn faster and better.

Integrate self-directed/personal learning & social learning. L&D has difficulty letting go of control as there is no learning objectives, checkmarks, program run.

Think about complexity, complex problem, complex adaptive systems. Keep learning. Probe, sense and observe. Marinate in complex adaptive systems. See what the heck is going on.

Find middle ground on what people can talk about together. Understand where people come from. Develop a relationship, trust establish to be able to discuss deeply on topics. Follow people who share their knowledge and perspectives you have no experience or clue about.

Knowledge was found in libraries and librarians. Now we are always connected and besides our world—the new world since only 20 years. Find new ways to do it. Enlightenment. Metamodernity society.

Learning Uncut 69 – Modern Professional Development Approaches

What are your self-directed and social learning ways to take control of your professional development and make a leap in 2021/beyond?

Tune in. Actionable insights, shifts and resources from workplace learning mavens respectively on modern workplace learning, working and thinking out loud, and personal knowledge mastery.


Engagement that Scales‘ on leadership quest

Such an insightful conversation on stepping back and leading ourselves in uncertain times. The value of reflecting and learning out loud within communities. Interconnectedness.

Pass The Mic on How Can We Increase Creativity by Rebalancing the Masculine and Feminine Traits Within Us

“Thank you @RemakingManhood and @jfnoubel for sharing your journey as a man and how rebalancing masculinity and femininity within each of us can increase our creativity and leadership skills. A much needed discussion to disrupt our gender bias and reduce our own anxiety.” — @VirginieG

It made me resurfaced a Twitter thread I had with learning partners in my network on the same topic.

Things We Know To Be True From Studio A3R

I heard an inspirational conversation on global citizenship and sensemaking with Josie Gibson and Jennifer Sertl. Working on ourselves and being supported by our ecosystem. Sense of interconnectedness and detaching from busyness. There is the value of conversational learning and salons. Tune in to this podcast.

A Conversation of Change on Exploratory Leadership

How do we bring our whole self and leverage our creative self while exploring and not knowing? Why? What drives us? What does experiential learning look like? 

Breaking The Fever Episode 17

What does it take to navigate uncertainty and ambiguity with curiosity, fortitude, volition and persistence?

Studio A3R, The Importance of Building Social Capital

Building relationships in a pandemic era. Tune in for actionable insights.


The Tim Ferriss Show #460: Writing, Workflow, and Workarounds

Fascinating ways to read, write, research, highlight, retrieve, pick, proofread, find the balance between productivity and presence, use tech hacks online and offline – as a writer and reader.

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