“Effective facilitation enables individuals and groups to go deeper into the zone of discomfort, probe and sense, let go of old patterns, and co-create from the emerging future.” — @sahana2802

On Work Cultures

Collaboration and cooperation are foundational

Meeting WAP – We Are Peers

I have met in person the co-founder and designer of @wapcommunity, Keya Luo, during We Are Peers sessions when I was involved in the four month program on agile project management at …

On Developing 21st Century Skills at your Workplace

Last week, my friend and learning partner, Anne Marie Rattray @smartco, asked me to have a look at her upcoming blog post ‘Turning ideas into action‘. This is what …

“And, after all, we now live in a global world. So, learning more and broadening your approach will likely help you find more creative solutions, build a stronger business and possibly even find more fulfillment in your work and your

If you are exploring the emerging trends in learning, you have not missed the emergence of MOOCs these days. Some reactions are interesting:

“We’ll see if MOOCs bring about the democratisation of education or just the mass consumerisation of good