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After reflecting on communities’ engagement and starting a community, designing, onboarding, and hosting a community come to mind. Those activities are the next natural steps of any community instigator and host.

Where does everything start with designing, onboarding, and hosting a community of practice or a learning community? Especially when communities go remote and distributed. Any community professional would say first with community strategy and design, right?

Instead of writing a longish new post, here is below a flowchart I produced via Whimsical. First, there are the three scenarios I shared in the post on starting’ a community – enriched with some thoughts on how a community could be designed, onboarded, hosted and supported.

“The strength of the individual is the community. The strength of the community is the individual.” —  @GeorgeSiosi

A Reading List

What are “communities of practice”? by Dr Nicole Brown

The Basics of Community Strategy by @TheCR

Throwback Thursday – Community Strategy 101 by Shannon Abram

Why a community roadmap is important by Shannon Abram

The Peril of Top-Down Approaches To Community by Feverbee

When you’re starting a community, really you are designing one by Rosie Sherry

Your role in a community by Simon Tomes

Engagement Pyramid by Gideon Rosenblatt & Mobilisation Lab

Three Community Myths Busted – Goodbye 90-9-1 Rule By Ted McEnroe

Participation and silence by Taruna Goel

The Purpose Of Member Profiles by Feverbee

connect|share|lead by Isabel De Clercq

Lessons from the pandemic by Stephen Downes

Learning activities by Etienne Wenger

Community Series by Rotana Ty

Rethinking Your Community Engagement

Community Management helps propel your internal community and scale engagement to keep learning and innovating with your organisation’s ecosystem.

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