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Podcasts Notes, Thoughts & Observations from Audio I Hear

Podcasts I have heard. I will often update this page as I hear one podcast episode at a time. I organize my notes per theme/discipline I pay attention to. Discover more about how I learn on the go with podcasts.

Conversations with Community Managers – Engaging Online Learners

Be intentional and iterative in the way you design your community and learning experience. Findability, searchability, taxonomy, interactivity, and onboarding experience matter. What does your collaborative and social learning experience look like?

How To Build Thriving Online Communities – Indie Media Club

Welcoming people have a big impact to trigger a second contribution. Focus on setting the site when people join the community. No matter what you do, people will stay or churn out just because they evolve over the years in their life and work.

Focus on the core group of highly engaged people and a few new ones to nurture—better bigger impact than trying to engage every one of the community members. There should never be a miracle moment in your plan – Seth GodinGodin suggests to Richard, ask: Who are the 10 people you gonna reach? Why will they tell your friends? Why can’t anybody else do this? For less?

Ask the questions for any project. Have a crystal clear vision for your community? What are they gonna say? Why? What’s in it for them? Answering those questions is critical work to do for any community project.

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