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I am keen to add value around shared interests for learning continuously in each meaningful conversation and project. For any event, movement, relationship, feeling, thinking I experience, I want to see what stands out and emerge — or not.

What drives me is to recognize patterns and new knowledge, notice insights, the resurgence and the emergence of trends and movements, practices, behaviours and attitudes, usages of emerging trends, practices and technologies to leverage them.


It is about going at my natural pace in a connected world to navigate the knowledge flows mindfully regarding our contexts. It is about being connected to ourselves, our environment and ecosystems. Going fast and slow — at our own pace, like swimmers, bikers or martial artists do.

Personal Growth

Taking care of my mind, heart and body by purposeful, small, meaningful habits. How? Walking and wandering in nature, cities, arts and tech exhibitions, swimming at the pool, sleeping for managing better my energy, receiving and giving support from people, mindful drinking, cooking and eating habits, seeing and using patterns for my personal growth.


I learned that going beyond labels, categories, thinking outside the box, one field, a discipline, embracing diversity is beneficial and useful to learn and co-create in many ways. There is no expert. Bring your own signature, taste, experiences, emotions and insights.


Appreciating arts and the beauty of the world: people, cities, emergence, movements, shapes, objects, relationships and kindness, nature, artful preservations via photography, curation practices, archiving, music, colours, patterns.

What do you value for exploring yourself and the world?

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